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Ashan Shanaka Liyanage


Darmstadt, Germany


+49 176 4715092


2013: Dean’s list for semester 7 and 8 at University of Moratuwa

2012: Runner-up All Island IESL robot competition - the annual island wide robotic competition

Ranked 61 in Sri Lanka (out of 50,000+ candidates) in GCE A-Level (university entrance) exam in 2008

Full merit scholarship from Sri Lankan government for undergraduate studies








Academic Qualifications

Technische Universität Darmstadt
Oct 2016 - Present

The International Master Program – Information and Communication Engineering (iCE)

University of Moratuwa - Sri Lanka
2009 - 2014

Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science of Engineering - Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


[1] S. Mallawaarachchi, K. Wimalana, A. Liyanage, G. Premalal, S. Samarasinghe, and N. D. Nanayakkara, “Automating whole slide imaging using an arduino platform,” in 8th international conference on Biomedical Engineering (BMEiCON), (Pattaya, Thailand), IEEE, Nov. 2015.

[2] S. Mallawaarachchi, G. Premalal, K. Wimalana, A. Liyanage, S. Samarasinghe, and N. D. Nanayakkara, “Detection of microfilariae in peripheral blood smears using image analysis,” in Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS), 2013 8th IEEE International Conference on, (Peradeniya, Sri Lanka), pp. 300–303, IEEE, Dec. 2013.

Professional Experience

Synopsys, Sri Lanka: Corporate Application Engineer
Mar. 2014 - Sep. 2016

Validated static low power (LP) tools ‘VCLP’ and ‘Spyglass’ - System on Chip design verification tools.
Worked on LP projects and features related to LP Strategies, command and options. Analysing and validating customer designs.
Design development at RTL,Netlist and PG Netlist stages. Automated Benchmark processes and report generating.

CRISP (Center for Research in Security and Privacy) Lab, Darmstadt : Student Employee
June 2017 - Sep. 2017

Design and integration of a BLAKE 2b Hash Controller interface and a hash simulator using Verilog for control flow attestation on the PULPino processor.
(Verilog, SystemVerilog, PULPino, toolchain)


List scheduler for pipelined Functional Units
Jan 2018

Implementation of a List scheduling algorithm which supports different priority criteria. (High Level Synthesis, Scheduling Algorithms, Java)

Processor with Multiple pipeline stages
Aug 2017

Implementation, Verification, Gate-Level sythesize and Simulation of a Pipelined Processor of ARM THUMB instruction set architecture which execute given binary instructions. (Verilog, Modelsim, Design Compiler)

Final Year Project / Automated Slide Scanning Microscope with Assistive Diagnostic Plug-ins
Feb 2014

Successfully upgraded a conventional optical microscope into a state of the art, Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) microscope, capable of assisting many medical applications. Besides the hardware platform, a fully functional software (QT/C++) was developed for microscope control and image analysis. The demonstrative plug-in can diagnose Lymphatic Filariasis through detecting Microfilariae in Peripheral Blood Smears. Please refer publications [1] and [2].

SoC Design using a 8051 Processor
Jun 2013

Implemented core functionality of the 8051 processor using a FPGA.

Android ADK Project / Mini wireless robot navigated via Android Phone
Oct 2013

Implemented wireless connection between two android devices and a Arduino Mega ADK

Computer Aided Navigation On A UGV
Dec 2012

Implemented a fully functional automated unmanned ground vehicle prototype which is navigated precisely via a computer.

Android Application Development Under university Startup
Aug 2012

DriveMODE - An app designed for drivers to easily accept or reject calls by simply saying “Yes” or “No”.
MoviesLK - Hub of Sri Lankan movie theatre information.

Image Processing Toolkit (FPGA)
Mar 2012

Designed a basic image processing applications using FPGA.

IESL All Island Robot Competition (Won the 2nd Runners-up)
Nov 2011

Built an Omni wheel soccer playing wireless robot that can be navigated using image processing techniques.

Programming Project / Financial Management System
Aug 2011

Designed a basic financial management system for the financial division of University of Moratuwa.

The Misplaced Item Finder
Oct 2010

Created fully functional portable low cost device which helps to find multiple items bearing a key tag within 20m by emitting a sound.